The House of Baker Filippov
Many years ago (just over a hundred), there was a bakery workshop and a store here, owned by the baker Filippov. In those times, the aroma of fresh bread filled the air, and people from all corners of the city gathered here to buy fresh and delicious pastries.
In the winter of 2022, our totó coffee shop opened its doors in a unique building in the heart of the city. Our new home turned out to have a beautiful history that we want to share with you! :)
When opening the totó coffee shop in this beautiful historic building, we tried not only to preserve its spirit but also to give it a new life - a synergy of modernity and vintage details such as Metlahskaya tiles that once lined the workshop of a Soviet bakery, 1965 chairs, the well-known laundry sink, and of course, our favorite wall-mounted telephone named "Tasha".
We continued the concept in our culinary format - we prepare a signature Benedict on the famous Filippov's bun, the history of which you can learn from our guide.
We're delighted to have you ♡
We've gathered interesting facts, archival photos, stories from residents, and clippings from newspapers of that time. Enjoy reading, my friend!
Hello, dear guest and friend!